Blood donation success



Ever since she was 16 years old, Tasha Clasper has always wanted to donate blood. The second year nursing student was rejected each time she went in to donate due to her weight being under 50kgs.

“I then managed to make it just over the 50kg mark, but then didn’t realise that there was a weight to height ratio, and I still didn’t qualify to be able to give blood. It was just so frustrating.”
Tasha’s perseverance paid off, as the bubbly Glenbrook resident finally hit the right weight ratio mark, and was able to donate at the Hamilton Blood Bank the beginning of November.
“It wasn’t through lack of trying to gain weight or any other health conditions that was stopping me! It has taken four years and I am so glad I have been able to do it,” laughs Tasha.
Tasha’s blood type is B Negative, which comprises only two percent of New Zealand’s population. She also hopes to start donating plasma in the beginning of the year.
“I am now trying to recruit people to come with me the next time I go to give blood. It is a rewarding experience, and only takes a mere five minutes of your time. Not only that but you get a free coffee at the end,” says Tasha.
Currently positioned at Auckland City Hospital, Tasha says that she sees the reasons why it is so important to donate blood nearly every day.
“When I was based in the cardiology ward, I saw a woman go through open heart surgery, and she was basically drained of blood. Just seeing the leukemia patients and how much blood they require is another reason. I just wish I could do so much more, but by giving blood, you are helping save lives.”
The New Zealand Blood service will be visiting the St Johns Ambulance Hall on Roulston Street in Pukekohe this week, from now until Christmas Eve, from 1pm.

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