Billion Dollar Smile

The timetable for the Auckland 9s clearly shows no service from Papakura to Pukekohe. This is exactly the same as the recent international Blackcap match against Pakistan.

The timetable for the Auckland 9s clearly shows no service from Papakura to Pukekohe. This is exactly the same as the recent international Blackcap match against Pakistan.

The smile that keeps taking more and more from our wallets in increased levies, increased rates, and red tape designed to fill the council coffers. When will this all come to an end?

There are so many uncertainties and things you can’t count on, but one thing you can count on is the end of Len Brown. We just don’t know how big a hole in our wallets he will leave behind.

The Transport show rolls into Waiuku on Wednesday evening at 7pm.
The Waiuku War Memorial Hall will be filled with people looking for answers and if this meeting is like any of the previous ones The Post has attended, all Mr Brown will offer is his billion dollar smile.
Seeing that Mr Brown will be talking transport maybe he will be able to explain why no one from Pukekohe can travel home after attending special events in Auckland.

Let me explain, recently I attended a cricket match at Eden Park. The Blackcaps played Pakistan which was amazing, sadly my son and I had to miss the end of the game because there were no trains on offer to Pukeohe after the event. The same was the case with the Auckland 9s this past weekend. See timetable above.

There are additional trains available for the event , however they don’t go to Pukekohe. Auckland Council and Auckland Transport seem not to include Pukekohe as part of the greater Auckland. With billions being spent on transport across Auckland, Pukekohe however still seems to be left out of the big picture. To be fair, we contacted Auckland Transport, about this situation and they informed me that the event organisers made the choice of not offering the train service to Pukekohe.

The Post then contacted New Zealand Cricket and this is what they had to say “Having consulted with Auckland Transport, Mr James Wear, GM Commercial, has been informed tickets were able to be used to return by train to Pukekohe, from three hours before the event until the last service. Our understanding from Auckland Transport is that the service goes to Papakura, where it changes from electric to diesel. NZC also wishes to clarify that it imposes no restrictions on ticket-holders travelling to Pukekohe.”

This seems to be a complete contradiction to what Auckland Transport said to The Post. Maybe there is a secret train at platform nine and three quarters at Papakura station that Harry Potter runs. The Post also contacted Transdev, Kiwi Rail and the Mayor’s office for a comment and clarification. We did receive a response from Wally Thomas from Auckland Transport who politely informed us that we were incorrect and that there was a service to Pukekohe.

I am no expert on train timetables, but assume Auckland Transport are, but again have a look at the timetable above. Can you see what time the train arrives at Pukekohe?
Where in the world is Wally getting his information from? Maybe it is written in invisible ink?
Mr Brown has spent billions on a transport service that can’t even cater for the very people that he is hoping to unveil his grand plan to in Waiuku.

We may also need to ask Mr Brown about the Interim Transport Levy (ITL) and the suggestion to have businesses pay a higher levy based on their capital value and not a fixed rate.
Local Board Chair Andy Baker feels that this should not even be a discussion, as our businesses should not be subjected to any higher levies.

With the 2016/17 budget on the horizon, ratepayers and businesses are being asked to make submissions regarding the increased levies.
Join The Post on Wednesday evening at the Waiuku War Memorial Hall and ask Mr Brown about the transport increased levies.

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