Big event, big numbers, big traffic

The Waiuku Blast to the Past event, held on Saturday 11 November at the Waiuku Sports Park, was a massive success.
A perfect evening set the scene for fireworks fun on a super scale. The sparks flew as fireworks went booming up into the still night sky. It was a spectacular scene and fantastic value for money when a gold coin is all you need. Families snuggled up on blankets, teens captured funky snap chats on their cells and, all in all, the crowd was extremely well behaved.
The oohs and ahhs followed as each thundering blast shattered high up in the sky, showering the crowd with glowing sparkles. I’ve seen a number of professional fireworks displays, and this one rates right up there with the best. I’d love to see them add music to the display—as kids say, that would be “next level”.
Over 20,000 people attended the event which amazed even the organising team. That’s a huge number for a town with a population of less than 9000. Understandably, exiting the event took some time. Some (yours truly included) spent up to 50 minutes in their cars at a standstill before being able to make their way home. If you’ve got tired kids in the car, 50 minutes can seem like a very long time…
Police had it all under control though, with a safety plan to let the pedestrian traffic out of the park first, followed by street traffic. Police were on the roads directing traffic once the crowds had exited the park, and that got the traffic flowing.
I think we have to accept that with big events, come big numbers and big traffic. I’ll happily suffer traffic hassles in order to have such a fantastic event in our area. Next year, we’ll just park away from the event, and walk.

A stunning array of photographs captured by Susie Hare showcasing what an awesome night Blast to the Past was!

Posted by The Post Newspaper on Monday, November 13, 2017

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