Beach incident at Karioitahi

Glad to see someone is addressing the dangerous behaviour at Karioitahi.
I have recently taken my daughters and horses for rides there, and couldn’t get over the dangerous, reckless driving on the beach around people, young kids and animals. Three to four utes were drifting around each other, driving five wide down the beach all with bottles in hand, towards us on horses. Motorbikes screaming up the beach, pulling wheelies.
There is zero policing down there and the Sergeant says people should remember the road rules or get a permit. Maybe if the Police were more active through this seasonal time down there, it would be a grand reminder of the rules and safety. They could even make a bit of revenue from ticketing.
As for calling 111, there is no cellphone coverage until nearly back into Waiuku township.
The Police are only paying lip service and should be more concerned with public safety.
At Muriwai there are rules and they seem to be followed. Vehicles one way and people/animals the other. No sign of bogan behaviour.
Making up rules, sticking up signs and saying get a permit isn’t policing. No wonder this guy took matters into his own hands.
Sergeant Wood needs to get out of the station and hit the beach hard!
That’s my two cents worth.
Hope this matter gets more publicity. Needs sorting as its been a problem for generations.
Leigh Lambert

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