Back to school for Yana

It was back to school for Yana as she attended Glenbrook School on Wednesday afternoon.
The media studies class will be putting together a magazine commemorating 140 years of the school, and Yana went to speak to the year five to eight students and give them some tips on writing their own articles. They will be compiling memories, stories and photographs from tales past and present.
Along with a Q and A session on what working at a newspaper was like, the students learnt interview techniques and the importance of research, before interviewing each other in the class. It was a good opportunity to see how interviews can be like conversations and how sometimes it’s easy to think of questions on the go. The students also looked at newspaper headlines, and the structure of a story, working out whether they could find out what the angle of the story was in the first few paragraphs.
While they’re at the beginning of a long task ahead, these students will be using their creativity to assemble some great stories that we will also be sharing in the Post Newspaper closer to the time!

Yana O’Gorman with the media studies students at Glenbrook School.

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