Back to school blues



In the myriad of mild despair as the realisation of the end of the holidays hits, there is, every year, a little beacon of light.

Billie Douglas

Buying new stationary is certainly my favourite thing about going back to school; or rather, something I can use to trick myself into thinking that going back to school is, indeed, such fun.
There’s just something so satisfying about naming, decorating and personalising your entire new colour coordinated, shiny collection of books and folders, and then proceeding to beam with pride as you lay them all out on your untouched, immaculately organised desk.
This illusion of satisfaction lasts for even the first few days back, as you copy neat, colour coordinated notes onto gleaming white pages, not actually having a clue what they mean, and at this blissful stage, really not needing to. However, when those books start to get slightly fatter, and your writing eventually dissolves into a frantic, incomprehensible scrawl as you desperately pore over the pages, trying to actually understand what you wrote about the causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis eight weeks ago; well, let’s just say the sacred beacon of positivity surrounding new stationary starts to dim at a rapid pace.
My mind, however, must block out this inevitable realisation. Because although it happens every year, I still find myself getting lulled into that false sense of excitement and security as the stationary list pops up on email, becoming somewhat convinced that this year will be a breeze simply because of this new very professional-looking ring binder that I will get to carry around.
So I guess for now, and throughout the whole year, the only thing to do is to focus on all the little things in the present moment. Especially since, for many of us students, this school year will be our last, and the prospect of advancing into the big wide world has actually become a very near reality.

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