Babies sleeping safely in Pukekohe



Billie Douglas

Pukekohe has contributed to a series of national events promoting safe sleep practises for babies, as part of the 2015 annual Whakawhetu Safe Sleep Day.
The Whakawhetu National SUDI prevention for Maori is a Kaupapa Maori programme, dedicated to reducing the rate of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy.
‘Safe Sleep Day’ is aimed to promote safe sleeping practises as one of the most important strategies to prevent the above from occurring. It sought to educate mothers on methods to enable their babies to sleep safely, such as positioning babies on their backs and in their own baby beds. The national campaign, which ultimately aimed to ensure that “every sleep is a safe sleep – for every baby,” was embodied in Pukekohe on Friday, December 4, through a variety of events and displays.
The morning saw the foyer of the Franklin Arts Centre hosting a display of Wahakura, traditional woven flax sleeping baskets for babies.
The Wahakura was being promoted as a key solution for preventing suffocation in bed, ensuring that baby and parent can share a bed in a safe manner. Weavers also demonstrated the art of making a Wahakura on the day. The event continued in Pukekohe in the afternoon, at the Nga Hall E Wha O Pukekohe Marae, with several Christmas celebrations. Food stalls, health promotions and entertainment were able to be enjoyed by the public.

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