Axemen come to town

Axemen and women from far and wide competed in the annual carnival at the Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club.
Competitors took to the Honey Arena over the weekend of November 11 and 12, and put on several great performances much to the delight of sponsors, supporters and spectators who watched from the Ruth Douglas Terraces.
Saturday saw the closely contested Underhand and Standing Events, as well as the Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club 325mm Standing Handicap take place.
This was keenly competed for and the first placed received an engraved shield mounted on the Broderick Family Axe trophy, which has been chopped for the past 45 years. C Cherry won this event.
The Single Saw Championship was taken out by the three McDonald brothers, with first place going to David, second to Nathan and third to Willy.
Event 7, the Underhand Butcher’s Block, created a large crowd interest with two Axemen to a block, and the ever popular Hall and Hyland Three Man Team Championship was taken out this year by a local team of Jesse Whitehead, and brothers Nathan and Willy McDonald. The overall Points Prize Winner for Saturday was C Cherry.
Sunday’s programme saw competitions in Standing and Underhand Events. These were memorial chops to Tom Noble, H Powell, D Silva and W Clark, who all had an association with Wood Chopping from the early days of the Pukeoware Sports. The Waiuku Cosmopolitan Axemen continue to run these events in their honour. It is one of the oldest continuous meets on the Axemen’s calendar.
Double Hand Saw Championship and Handicapped events again amazed the audience, especially the speed that the saws went through the blocks. The best time was 12 seconds from start to finish.
The final spectacle of the day was the Four Man Team race and is always a crowd pleaser. Spectators cheered their team on through the Two Underhand and Two Standing events. The back markers in this event were 75 seconds behind the starting team.
Points Prize for the Day went to M Trow, and the eldest competitor from the weekend’s events was George Richards, 73, from Putaruru.

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