Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter Missions December/January 2016



14 january | 4.08 pm
W2 Hunua – Mechanics Bay crew tasked by Police to search for a female patient in her 20’s who got lost while tramping in dense bush in the Hunua ranges. With the help of Police Eagle, the W2 crew located the tramper and winched her to safety.
6 january | 2:46 pm
Pukekohe Stadium – Mechanics Bay crew tasked for a female patient in her 40’s who had been training a horse when it bolted and hit against her, causing an injury to her upper body. Transported her to MMH in a serious condition.
28 december | 5:15 pm
Port Waikato – W2 called whilst enroute back to base for an incident at Port Waikato.
Advised landing zone being set up on the beach.
Elected to land in the car park. Uplifted a male teenager suffering injuries as a result of a motorbike accident.Transported him (and his mum) to ACH in a moderate condition.

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