Auckland Westpac Helicopter Missions



21 JANUARY | 1:45 am – W2 Pollok – Mechanics Bay crew tasked to Pollok for a critical female patient in her 70’s suffering with a medical complaint.
Landed on tarmac near the boat ramp to treat the patient. Transported her to Middlemore Hospital, at which time her condition had improved
to serious.

23 JANUARY | 2:01 am – W1 Kingseat – Mechanics Bay crew tasked to a MVA at Kingseat. Landed in paddock and dropped paramedic off before returning to base. The patient was a female in her 30’s who was involved in a single vehicle high speed crash on the open road, where the vehicle drove into a ditch. The patient was unrestrained and was thrown approximately 20 metres from the vehicle into a paddock of long grass. She was found
later by Fire personnel. Due to the patient’s condition, the decision was made to transport her via ambulance to Auckland City Hospital, with the helicopter paramedic treating her enroute. She was suffering head injuries and was transported in a critical condition.

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