Attitudes differ between renters and landlords

Cartoon by Holly Rees.

Ignorance is bliss, unless it concerns waiting for your landlord to fix rental properties.

 Latest results from the State of Home survey conducted by Auckland University of Technology and HRV, highlight the big difference in attitudes between renters and landlords.
The survey found that almost 70 per cent of renters said their landlord either didn’t respond, failed to fix a problem, or made a small effort to remedy an issue, while close to 75 per cent of landlords said they fixed a problem as soon as possible.
The survey of 1040 people, which was commissioned by HRV and completed in association with AUT Professor of Sociology, Charles Crothers, is now in its fifth year and aims to give an insight into issues facing New Zealanders in their homes.
Professor Crothers says the conflicting attitudes of those living in rentals and property owners is at the heart of New Zealand’s rental accommodation problem.
“Many renters are living in cold, damp and substandard homes and landlords are either, not doing enough to help their tenants or don’t believe the condition of their investment properties needs addressing,” he said.
Fixing damage and doing repairs is the top priority for half of landlords whereas little importance is put on heating and ventilation (9%) and addressing mould and dampness (4%).  This disparity between the two groups carried through to how renters and landlords rated their relationship with each other.
Professor Crothers says more than 60 per cent of renters said they wanted to move out of the home they live in now compared to a third of home owners.
“Many renters are dissatisfied with their homes and the sad thing is the majority are locked into tenancy agreements, or can’t afford the rent in a better home, so they are stuck in these situations. We also found more than 60% would like to buy their first home but can’t afford to, and only a third are able to save enough to be able to potentially buy their first home.”

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