Aggravated robbery in Meremere, Waikato – offenders required to be located

At about 11.30 this morning 18 January, two men entered the Meremere Superette and Takeaways, carrying knives.

They verbally threatened the victim (the shop keeper) and his daughter and demanded money and cigarettes to be handed over.

A struggle between the victim and the offenders broke out causing the victim to suffer several lacerations after receiving blows to his forearms and head.

The offenders then ran from the store and got into an electric-blue coloured Ford Falcon, with white stripes along the side of the vehicle.  This vehicle also had a spoiler.

They then drove off from the scene at speed.

Members of the public helped the victim and his daughter outside the Superette, but police are appealing to anyone else who may have seen this vehicle in the vicinity at the time or was near the Superette when the robbery occurred.

The victim is in a moderate to serious condition and is en-route to Middlemore hospital to receive medical treatment.  The victim’s daughter was not hurt in the scuffle.

Police are currently investigating to get further information on offender descriptions, and a scene examination is underway.

If anyone has any information about this robbery, they are encouraged to contact local Police or call 111 immediately if the vehicle is sighted.  Otherwise information can be shared with Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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