Advent boxes opening around the town



Advent is the time leading up to Christmas and, in the Christian Church, it is celebrated through the month of December and it is a time to think about what the birth of Jesus means to Christians.
This celebration, which was put together by members of the St Andrew’s Church, comprised of 12 boxes being placed in window displays of Waiuku Businesses.
The idea was derived from a similarity to a chocolate advent calender.
The first box was opened on Sunday, December 13, outside St Andrew’s Church; thereafter all boxes will be opened at 12pm.
The advent box at Deed’s was opened last Friday, revealing a message that was created by Mona Francis, (pictured with Reverend Richard Gray).
Many attended the advent box opening and the township was treated to singing a festive Christmas song.
“We have had so much fun making them and hope to have you join us for the opening of advent boxes. The idea came from a book talking about something a little similar in England where the ‘change rooms’ or little boxes at the seaside were used. We saw this as an opportunity to involve the community and we could share a little about the true meaning of Christmas,” said Gaylyn Wills.
While the opening of the boxes will be a short and fun event, they will remain open until after Christmas, allowing the community to see them all on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

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