Action to address shortcomings at Palms Lifecare

Action will be taken to address shortcomings at Palms Lifecare Pukekohe, following an investigation into the care of an elderly male resident in late February.

On 23 March Heritage Lifecare, the parent company, announced the investigation found that staff had departed from established policy and procedure in their care of the resident and documentation.

David Renwick, executive Chairman of Heritage Lifecare, says “the investigation tells us that while the family were aware of the terminal nature of the man’s condition, it’s clear our staff didn’t meet the standard we expect in terms of following procedures and policies. To that extent, we didn’t make the man’s last few days comfortable as he and his family had a right to expect.”

He says he wants to make it clear that the company are taking the findings of this investigation extremely seriously. “The shortcomings are far from what we expect in any of our aged care facilities.” David confirmed they will be conducting an investigation that will go beyond this particular set of circumstances. As part of the corrective actions being taken, Heritage Lifecare will provide additional education for its care and cleaning staff.

David said the shortcomings didn’t include neglect of the man’s remains after death. “Records showed family had been properly informed and the course of action was in accordance with funeral arrangements and respect for the residents family.”

Photo: Eldernet

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