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I don’t know if anyone has read, or believes, the Global 2018 predictions from self-claimed clairvoyant, Craig Hamilton-Parker.
While I found it interesting, I believe it is just an opinion. I take what he has said with ‘a pinch of salt.’
He has basically told us that we can’t travel to the UK, we are all going broke (I knew that already by looking at my bank account), and we will be faced with the biggest environmental crisis ever.
For New Zealand, we may as well dress ourselves in bubble wrap, as another major earthquake has been predicted (Wow – really? We have fault lines running the length of our country…).
After discussing these predictions in the office, Yana and I have come up with our own future forecasts for Franklin. Disclaimer – these aren’t for real, and are for those who have a sense of humour.

Onewhero Rugby Club is going to make it into the semi-finals in the McNamara Cup
Pukekohe will have another 30 roundabouts added to it as people still don’t understand how to use traffic lights
There will never be a potato chip crisis again, as we predict the biggest spud haul to ever be collected from our local soils
Another satellite town in Franklin will be announced…(lol)
An express lane for tractors will be introduced

Do you have any predictions for our town in 2018? Send them through, we always enjoy a good laugh, and I am sure our readers would too.
Also, just a friendly reminder that it may pay to start thinking about those New Year resolutions (that you make and never actually stick to), as Christmas is almost upon us.

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