A note from Emma’s desk

It was recently announced that Auckland Council euthanised nearly 2846 dogs in three of their animal shelters last year.

Several animal welfare groups have raised questions as to what is council doing with regards to education, and how they are remedying the ‘situation,’ (meaning how come so many of the dogs were from South Auckland).

They also asked if those who handled the adoption/rehoming process were ‘qualified’ enough to make those decisions and judgements.
While I agree, more education is needed in our communities when it comes to animal ownership, I also believe that there would be less problems with animal welfare if we all changed our attitudes.

We have now become a society where it is easier to blame someone else than actually accept responsibility for our own actions.
I have said this before, and I am going to say this again; owning an animal is not a right, it is a privilege.

We are ignorant in thinking that we deserve to have a pet. Especially when many are either not suited for that particular breed of animal, or ill-equipped to deal with any costs associated with the ownership.

To blame the cost of veterinary care as being ‘too high’ is a cop-out excuse. Animals rely on you to provide them with a home, food and unconditional love—not being left to their own devices because they have become an inconvenience, or a ‘bill’, in your life.

A pet is for life. We need to change our ignorant way of thinking, and quite simply, do the research before the purchase! If you can’t afford the basic necessities and care for your pet, don’t own one.



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