A note from Emma’s desk

I’m home, Y’all! As I write this, it is currently day three of being back in the land of the long white cloud, and my American overseas ‘expedition’ is already beginning to feel like a distant memory. Safe to say I have succumbed to the travel blues.
I could fill this newspaper with stories and photographs of my trip (actually, some may not be suitable for publishing), but I only have a couple of hundred words left, so I’ll sum it up to the best I can.

In just over seven weeks, I have achieved two Contikis which saw me trek across 22 states, jump into (and basically straight back out of) Canada, step completely out of my comfort zone by accomplishing activities I never dreamt of doing, gained abs of steel (lol) from laughing so much, a negative bank account balance due to the house-sized suitcases of shopping I have brought back (yes, 110 pounds worth if I am being honest), and ate at least ten years’ worth of food in 53 days with the two best friends that anyone could have.

I am very proud of the fact that I ate my way around America. Nutritionists may disagree with me, but I believe food is the one thing they have got right. Aside from the activities, the shopping and taking the signature photographs with monuments, memorials and national icons that tourists do, I have also cemented long lasting friendships across the globe and gained a completely different perspective to life and travel.

This perspective is something that money can’t buy, and is all thanks to the different cultures I have experienced, and the people I have met and travelled with along the way. So, what now? I think David Bowie sums up the next step with one of my favourite quotes— ‘I don’t know where I am going from here, but I promise, it won’t boring.’

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