A note from Emma’s desk

Since when did we arrive in May? I can’t believe we are nearing the middle of the year already.
Since we never had a summer, and autumn arrived six months early, I suppose it is about time to drag my boots out of hibernation. I have no idea where my gumboots have disappeared to either, so another pair of those are on the essential items list, just like a can opener, hey Katie!
As we venture closer and closer to calf club days, a good pair of gumboots are an absolute requirement.
As much as I dislike the cold, there are a few things to look forward to in winter. For me, they have to be calf club days, boots, scarves and big jackets. Oh and snowboarding too!
I have just bought my sister, Stephanie’s board and boots from her, (I haven’t told her yet that I am paying her with love), and I cannot wait to hit the slopes.
Well, I probably will be hitting them literally, as it has been years since I last ventured to Mt Ruapehu, and my last skateboarding attempt resulted in a permanent numbness on the side of my left hand.
It was caught on camera, too, so if the lack of feeling in my hand wasn’t a constant reminder, that video appears on social media much too often for my liking!
I am now at the age where parties are filling up my calendar—but not the type that I am used to. Instead, they are baby showers, engagements or weddings.
Last weekend saw the end of an era for the original three trouble makers, as we celebrated and congratulated my best friend, Natalie, as she counts down to becoming a mum for the first time. Congrats Ari and Nat—you guys are going to make amazing parents!
Best friends since the early days of high school, I always thought Kaitlin would be the first, as she is the best with children. I do have a bet on with close friends that she is next though. I’m VERY happy with the Aunty title for now.

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