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EmmaBy the time you are reading this I am hoping that I survived the heat wave that has affected Perth, Australia, over the weekend. Hunter-gatherer surprised me with a visit to see my family, and I flew out earlier this week, not giving me much time to prepare or to postpone it! Those close to me know that I can’t stand surprises, and hunter-gatherer, Bossman Steve and Calendar Girl Lynn, have got me really good this time!
I must admit, I am really enjoying spending quality time with my gorgeous niece, who just so happens to be named after me. I hope I live up to the expectations of being a good role model! It breaks my heart knowing that after this visit I’m not sure when I will next see them again, so I’ll be making sure I have made the most of this trip by giving baby Emma and her beautiful mum plenty of sloppy kisses, and will try to capture as many memories as possible through the lens of my camera.
There is still plenty of time to save your sneakers from the depths of the wardrobe and breathe new life into them for the Sunset Coast Walk. I always commit to things before actually thinking it through, and this event is one of them.
I jumped at the chance to support the Rotary group, but then realised that I actually have to do exercise. Last Monday I was invited to conquer Mount William with my friends, and thought it to be a great way to kick start preparation for the Rotary walk. Was I wrong. Not even a quarter of the way up and my back was giving out and I was puffing more than a steam train. When we actually made it to the summit, I am sure my friends had been waiting for me for well over 15 minutes. And let’s not even get started on the trip down – I may as well have rolled all the way back with the amount of times I fell over. What an amateur move! I am now more determined than ever to complete the Rotary walk at the end of this month, but think I will stick to practising on the pavements before tackling the hills again.

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