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EmmaI have learnt several life lessons over the weekend that, at my age, I should have been taught a very, very long time ago. They say that feeling old is just a mindset. However, after this weekend, I think I have a lot of maturing to do.
Lesson one was not to tie balloons to the electric fence.
We were setting up for a friend’s hen’s party, and came up with the idea to use balloons to help identify where the party was at.
In my defence, I didn’t see the electric outrigger, but I certainly felt it and managed to pop all the balloons.
Lesson two was to not be peer pressured into wearing those super cute wedges when taking on Auckland city nightlife. The next day, your feet will have blisters in places you didn’t know existed from all the walking and cutting shapes on the dance floor.
And remember when your parents taught you not hop in cars with strangers?
Well the same rule applies for when you’re being offered a cruise around the Auckland Harbour, in a luxury yacht, at 4am in the morning, trying to play Jack and Rose from Titanic.
That was life lesson number three.
Trying to blank out my poor life decisions I made over the weekend, my girlfriends and I managed to fit in a recovery session at Karioitahi Beach.
It is hard to believe that we have this picturesque setting right on our doorstep and it was great to see so many people utilising it. But there always seems to be one or two people that like to ruin it for others, with one egghead deciding that it would be great to pull a couple of doughnuts on his dirt bike where people where fishing or sunbathing.
Needless to say he had some choice words and sand thrown back at him by several beach goers, and maybe he too, learnt a life lesson, as he left shortly after that.
Be respectful of other beach users; there is enough room for everyone to enjoy the lovely Karioitahi Beach.

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