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EmmaI have the worst luck ever.
First it was my old reliable truck packing a sad and then, just last Thursday, I broke my new nose of eight months.
I had originally smashed it two years ago by taking a head to the face playing soccer (I swear she did it on purpose).
It was a real mess, and my plastic surgeon did a fantastic job – it was better than the original!
Soccer is a sport that I absolutely love. I was roped into it a couple of years ago by my good friend Kaitlin, and hang out for competition days. It is a fantastic social sport, and I count my soccer team as family.
I took this season off, as I didn’t want to jeopardise the new schnoz and I certainly didn’t plan on getting hooked into summer soccer. But it is like an addiction and I soon found myself at the Tuakau fields, playing a couple of games. Being mixed soccer, you are up against both boys and girls. I get so hungry for the ball that I don’t really watch what the opposition player is doing and tend to put my body on the line, literally. It was the loud crack and shooting pains in behind my eyes that I knew instantly it was broken again.
Also the way Georgina came running off the field to grab her phone for a picture was a dead giveaway that it wasn’t good news.
Safe to say this is forced retirement from the sport, and just when I was at the peak of a very promising football career!
I am hoping that my plastic surgeon won’t be too mad that I mucked up his nose when I see him in January 2016.
I have gained a sidekick this last week, Billie the Kid.
The wonderful Billie Douglas has joined our team, and she hasn’t been scared away yet!
Keep an eye out for her stories in this week’s issue, as she has written several great articles.
The countdown is on and we only have two more papers left for 2015! It is exciting, and maybe a little bit stressful, times ahead for our office over the next two weeks, but the break over the festive season will be well worth it.

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