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EmmaI don’t actually remember agreeing to Bossman Steve’s idea of giving up sugar, especially not right before Christmas when there is so much delicious food about.
I wonder if he remembers that I am on my diet of seefood-and-eat-it.
It is said that newspapers and an unhealthy eating lifestyle go hand in hand, but I think that it is time to break the cycle.
Several weeks ago, I wrote about one of the most embarrassing experiences in my life – my gym pants splitting in the most unflattering fashion.
So from today, I have recruited Calendar Girl Lynn, much to her delight, and have joined forces to shed our waistlines and attempt to live a healthier lifestyle for the next three weeks by cutting out highly processed foods and sugar.
From today, there will be no more pies, no more cokes and no more sweet, delicious muffins. These next couple of weeks are going to be testing and I apologise now in advance for being grumpy from my withdrawals.
We will be updating our progresses and setbacks each week, and would love to hear our reader’s tips or advice if they have been through the same experience.
We are on the home stretch now, with only four issues to go before we shut the press for the year.
Christmas is fast approaching, and everyone is becoming incredibly busy. One person that is rushed off their feet is the amazing Zoe Thomson of the Waiuku Colony Cat Rescue.
While caring for her young family, Zoe volunteers so much of her time catching unwanted cats and kittens, has them de-sexed, and finds the furry friends new homes. As kitten season has just begun, Zoe is bursting at the seams with rescued kittens and cats, and could really use a helping hand.
We have set up an appeal for her, which you can find on page 6.
It is also a great reminder that pets are forever, not just for Christmas, so please think wisely when deciding if a kitten or puppy would make a great present.

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