Police Patch – 15 April 2018

I know I spoke about speeding a couple of weeks ago but this week we had more examples of local residents complete disregard for their safety and more importantly the safety of other road users and people in the community.

A number of locals were caught doing between 20km and 30km over the speed limit around town. Don’t go thinking these were young boy racers either, they were older mature adults who should know better.

But the worst of the week was the local 41 year old male who was caught doing 153 km on a country road. He has a pending court appearance for dangerous driving.
There is not much you can say about this other than it is right up there on the scale of stupid things you can do.

There seems to be an attitude that you are unlikely if you get caught speeding. Some adults wouldn’t tolerate their kids deliberately breaking the rules but are quite prepared to race around town setting very poor examples themselves.

I am not a fan of social media, I don’t use it or follow it. But last week there was something brought to my attention. If you’re not happy with something that is going on in a business or organisation contact the appropriate authorities or agencies.

Don’t take matters into your own hands by putting posts on social media about what you will or won’t do. That doesn’t resolve anything. It just gets the other keyboard warriors in on the act.
If you don’t like something a business does vote with your feet: go elsewhere.

Cheers Woody

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