Police Patch—30 January 2018

It has been a busy time for the Police over the Christmas, New Year and holiday period.
Waiuku Police, Counties Manukau CIB and the Pukekohe Tactical Crime Unit have executed a number of search warrants in the local area. Stolen property and drugs have been recovered resulting in a number of people being arrested and charged with a range of offences.
Two local residents were arrested and are facing numerous charges in regards to burglaries and stolen motor vehicles. The Pukekohe Tactical Crime Unit were able to reunite some valuable family jewellery with one owner.
Another person who frequented the Waiuku area has been arrested and remanded in custody after a search warrant was executed in relation to an aggravated robbery committed in Manurewa last year.
On Wednesday, Waiuku Police arrested a local resident for a burglary that had occurred on Tuesday. Some property was recovered. This male has also been remanded in custody to protect the community from his light fingered ways.
Be warned the new speed cameras on Waiuku Road , Awhitu Road and Glenbrook Road are now active and up and running. Some may wonder why the cameras were put in those specific locations but these areas were identified as high speed and crash areas from analysis of tickets issued and crashes in the area over years. Just watch your speed, you have been warned you don’t want that sort of mail arriving in your letter box.
With the recent hot dry weather we have been having it is important to remember that when it does rain to slow down and drive to the conditions. The other week when it rained after a dry spell we had to attend five crashes in about three hours, thankfully no one was seriously injured but slowing down and driving to the conditions could have avoided some of these crashes.
Take care.

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