Letter: Untidy lawns

 How long before the eyesore will be tidied around the new childcare centre on corner of Valley Rd & Rossiter Ave. This property has been under operation for such a prolonged time (I understand it has been sold) but still not completed. Very long grass outside the property has been an eyesore over Christmas and New Year, still no lawns done. Anybody know what is happening with this property, surely we have enough child care centres already in Waiuku, this one is such a sterile uninteresting property not a tree in sight.
 K.M, Waiuku.
The Post Newspaper contacted Sharlene Druyven, Waiuku Town Manager who suggested the following:
“If it is an eyesore you can ring Council and log the complaint. Make sure you get a job number. I believe they would get it tidied and bill the owner or contact the owner and give them an opportunity to tidy first.  It would pay for you to ring them and check the procedure as we have a new maintenance team,” she said.

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