Letter— Stop dumping on footpaths

May I make a plea to all those who live on the Hamilton Estate to STOP dropping litter on footpaths and street verges; STOP deliberately breaking glass bottles in the same places, STOP littering in the walk throughs—one between Rata Street/Hamilton Drive, the other between Matai Street/Hamilton Drive. STOP deliberately dropping litter on the Hamilton Drive sports field. Take your […]

Letter— Pukekohe Main Street Parking

It’s pretty impossible to find main street parking at any time of day now, and people often swoop across traffic to steal a park on the “other side”. But if you only want to post a letter, it’s worth a quick look in case the ten minute parking outside the postbox is free. At midday Wednesday, a black Mazda stopped […]

Letter: Easter Kindness

Thank you to the two beautiful ladies who gave me and my daughter their Peter Rabbit movie tickets on Easter Monday. A very big thank you! Such incredible kindness to two strangers. Name supplied.

Letter: Repurpose Pukekohe train station building

The future of Pukekohe seems destined to be decided by people who live far from here. The council plan to convert our fertile soils into housing estates will end the 100 year association of market gardening with our town. Another piece of history is also set to disappear, one that tells the story of Pukekohe’s development, from a one horse […]

Waikato District Council 10 Year Plan

Proposed changes to the Uniform Annual General Charges (UAGC) are being received with mixed feelings. The Post received this response to the consultation document for Waikato District Council’s 10 year plan from a Tuakau pensioner. This week I received the consultation document for Waikato District Council’s 10-year plan. I was dismayed and somewhat annoyed to see a proposal to reduce the […]

Letter: Against tax of alcohol

I’m afraid I’m strongly against increasing the excise tax on alcohol. Whilst I understand all the arguments about the social cost of drug abuse (whether alcohol, marijuana, P or any other drug) I have to suggest that the cost and remediation is a cost that needs to be borne by the whole of society not simply part of it. I […]

Letter: Modest increase for alcohol

I wish to express my view on this. I know so many people (friends and relatives) who enjoy a drink and are very sensible with it (I include myself in that). I think any increase should be modest, as the majority get hammered with extra tax to cover the excesses of the few. It actually annoys me when alcohol is […]

How to escape a locked toilet

Getting stuck in a locked public toilet on a late Friday arvo is not exactly the best party invite . Well, I’ll tell you a true story from last week. I was just about to swing into Countdown, yet needed to go to the toilet. Just before racing around the supermarket aisles I ran across the road and into the […]

Letter: Clarks Beach

Thank you for highlighting the sad state of pollution at Clarks Beach. I was not really shocked when I checked out the Safe Swim website and discovered that Clarks Beach is designated as a permanent “No swim zone”. Just ten years ago, scallops could be harvested, but visitors depleted the beds. They are now long gone (the scallops). As for […]

Letter: Plastic waste at transfer stations

I have received a response similar to the one you had from Auckland Council. It said that the Transfer Stations are privately owned but failed to explain why the signs as you enter one of these stations clearly say “AUCKLAND COUNCIL”. It went on to say that Council had a policy to advocate for “Product Stewardship which would include a […]

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