Letter: The Cause of Road Accidents is not speed alone

Unlike your correspondent last week, I do not believe that speed is the cause of accidents. Speed adds to the consequences of an accident but I would be very surprised if it is the root cause. In my personal view the real causes are more often a combination of poor driving skills, poor judgment calls by drivers, lack of awareness […]

Letter: Fearful of fare

AT’s increasing of fares on public transport across Auckland will be causing many people like myself to reassess whether using public transport is worth it and will possibly put many off altogether. The biggest off-put to public transport is generally the cost, the time it takes to use it, how safe it is, exposure to the weather and the lack […]

Letter: Raised taxes not fair

Why are we so intent on raised taxes on items that some people use as their sole source of comfort? This became a big problem when the Maori party complained it was their people who were affected the most. Could this be because they are in the lowest income bracket? I don’t feel it has helped many quit smoking but […]

Letter—Road accidents

Every time a senior police officer is shown on TV following a car accident he/she is bound to claim that excessive speed was a contributory factor. I am not surprised about this, the respect of speed limits was removed in many drivers eyes when the authorities opened up two stretches of NZ roads to 110kph, and as a result the […]

Waiuku Water

Amy (ref Post 06 Feb) check your inlet water washing machine hose at the tap on the wall, I have to clear mine of a build up of salts from the filter about every two months. I have had three plumber call outs in eight years to a) replace two taps in the house, and b) on one visit to […]

Well done Watercare

When we moved to Waiuku in 2006 I really noticed the poor taste and calcification/limescale in the water compared to Auckland’s supply. Since then there has been a gradual improvement to water here and we find it perfectly drinkable now. The calcium build-up on the shower glass and our water jug is practically nil. You can descale both your shower […]

Ongoing saga of Hudsons Beach after floods/storms

Inaction of council with regard to the retaining wall – Residents have been waiting a month for action. Rubbish remains with exposed nails, without the protection of the wall properties continue to be flooded and the erosion is heading towards the road. The longer the wait the more costly for clean up. If something had been done prior to this […]

Solving illegal rubbish dumping

The significant increase in illegal dumping across Auckland comes as no surprise as the city continues to rapidly grow with houses being squeezed onto every available piece of land with tiny sections, leaving people nowhere to store rubbish and inorganic material. The cost of using privately owned transfer stations can also be prohibitively expensive for many on low income being […]

Waiuku water quality

I saw the article in The Post dated 30 January 2018 and I would like to add our concern and unhappiness of the quality of the water. 1. The water is not drinkable and we have to spend money on a water filter. 2. Our washing machine is not washing the clothes properly. 3. We have already replaced water floss […]

Letter: Intersection improvement

The solution to the awful intersection at East Street and Stadium Drive would be to build a roundabout. All the other intersections along the ring road around Pukekohe town centre have roundabouts which work brilliantly. A roundabout also needs to be built at the dangerous busy intersection at Kitchener Road and Collingwood Road in Waiuku as well. B Dover Waiuku

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