Letter regarding offensive words

So pleased you bought this subject into the public arena. I would have been horrified if I had been in the supermarket with my grandchildren.  It would also have offended me.  I am sure most of the shoppers that day were offended too. Did you know that it is an offence under the Summary Offences Act to use or display […]

Response to ‘Offended’

Regarding the man with the offensive word on his shirt—it shows he doesn’t respect anybody, or respect himself. If I saw that and I was in charge, I’d ban him from the supermarket. – Pukekohe resident.

No choice for no paywave

This is part of a letter of complaint I have just sent to my bank having spoken to them regarding the fact that I am now unable to have a choice whether my credit card or eftpos card is with or without paywave. I am told that my bank has no control over this? It is a bit sad to […]

Feedback on wandering stock

Last week we followed up on the story of wandering livestock that were killed after a car ploughed into them on Karaka Road. Six were killed. Here is feedback we received on the story, with suggestions of what could be done to combat this issue on our rural roads. What are your thoughts? news@thepost.nz How fast are you going to plow into […]

Butter prices

The price we pay for New Zealand butter is $6 or more for 500 grams. We all need a certain amount of butter a day, to balance body functions. Fonterra just paid $8million to Theo Spierings their executive. This equals a $160,000 per week raise. Have they lost the real plight in this country? Let’s get sane—drop the butter price. […]

Thumbs up to Auckland Council

We were delighted to read in this weeks POST about the “frilling” of privet in one area of Waiuku. Congratulations and well done to Auckland Council. At least it is a start, long may it be effective, and long may it continue, which all allergy patients will be thankful for. Hopefully the same treatment becomes routine in the Pukekohe area, […]

What has happened to all of our state houses and pensioner flats?

There was someone once very wise, who seeing a need in our great country, used some of our taxes to purchase and build both state houses and pensioner flats for our elderly. There was a small amount of rent on all these properties which paid for the staff to manage this housing and to get any repairs done. The money […]

Rural rubbish resolution

Claire contacted us several months ago after collecting roadside rubbish with her sons. When she contacted Auckland Council she was told that it was too dangerous for people to do, and to leave it to Council after informing them of where the rubbish is. Determined to find a resolution, she recently found out who the best contact was at Council […]

Hitting cows on rural roads

Just some simple advice—use your high-beam lights on rural roads at night, dim them of course when following other traffic or for opposite traffic. It gives you a lot more time to react. An added advantage is that opposite traffic sees you much earlier and will not be tempted to cut corners! By the way, I was also taught to use […]

Road Damage

Heading to Tauranga over the Kaimais. Reaching the lookout rest area, we alighted to have a cuppa and view the valleys. The noise from trucks grinding up from Matamata way was deafening. On leaving to go down to Bethlehem turn off, I counted 70 trucks of different agenda heading to the top. No wonder roads are in need of repair- […]