Beach incident at Karioitahi

Glad to see someone is addressing the dangerous behaviour at Karioitahi. I have recently taken my daughters and horses for rides there, and couldn’t get over the dangerous, reckless driving on the beach around people, young kids and animals. Three to four utes were drifting around each other, driving five wide down the beach all with bottles in hand, towards […]

Letter – Missing stations disappointing

One of the conditions of Mudlarks Mangrove removal programme is for the community volunteers to undertake pest control. Beginning in December 2016, the group manage both sides of the Waiuku Estuary to control rats and stoats. The objective is to reduce predators and to provide a safer resting and nesting zone along the coast line reed beds for wading birds. […]

Carrot truck retraction

In the edition of Tuesday 28 November, the Post Newspaper stated that the driver of a carrot truck lost control of the vehicle. This was incorrect and it was a tail-gate hinge that broke and caused the carrots to spill onto the road. The driver did not lose control of his vehicle. The Post apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Letter – Solar panels stolen from cenotaph

What can one say? This act of vandalism is so heartless? What has happened to our society of youth today, or pardon me it, could have been an older person who thinks these solar lights belong in their garden. My god what is our community becoming? As for the thugs that robbed my local petrol station, I’ve lost count on […]

Letter: Thoughts on petrol tax

I am not quite as young as I used to be and don’t drive. I have various health problems and require to pay for private transport to wherever I need to go. Extra cost to petrol will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have lived in Waiuku now for over 50 years and loved it, but this […]

Community response over pet ownership

Two weeks ago, our editorial manager, Emma Hyde Richards, shared her thoughts on responsible pet ownership after nearly 2846 dogs in the South Auckland area were euthanised last year. We asked the community on their thoughts, and what alternatives they believed there are to euthanising these pets and how can we bring this number down. We also encouraged our readers to share their […]

Letter: Road courtesy and disability parking spaces

I would like to acknowledge and thank motorists here in Waiuku, and many in Pukekohe, for their consideration and thoughtfulness. I am an unwell and disabled older woman. I must use a walker for safety and stability of my person. I never just ‘step out’ onto a pedestrian crossing. I wait for clear indication that it is safe for me […]

Letter – Cross with crosswords

Editor’s Note: After an overwhelming response asking where our crossword answers were for the last two weeks, we can safely let our avid fans know that this week’s answers can be found on Page 19. We would like to apologise for their omission, and can advise our readers that they will hopefully not be omitted going forward. Technical issues do […]

Letter: Ways around paywave technology

Editor’s Note: The Post Newspaper received a response to T. North’s letter, “No choice for no paywave”, printed in Tuesday 17 October 2017 edition. The response suggested ways of deactivating the paywave in the cards. While there are no laws regarding using the methods suggested in the letter submitted to The Post, it can sometimes affect the machines or the […]

Synthetic Police Report

Reading The Post Newspaper, edition 7/11/17, I was dismayed to see the use of the term ‘synthetic cannabis’ in the police report, on page 3 by Sergeant Graeme Wood. These synthetic substances have no relation to cannabis and in fact actually confuse the general public and they then think its the same as natural cannabis. The correct term is synthetic […]

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