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Yana’s Yarn

Pukekohe’s five aside football competition kicked off last week, and I got the call up. The last time I kicked a ball was last season’s competition. However you can’t be ‘rusty’ when you can’t kick a ball on a good day anyway. I am effectively there to make up numbers, but my team are very supportive of my attempts. It’s […]

Yana’s Yarn

It seems that there have been a lot of negative things in the world lately, and while no-one likes to dwell on the negative, it makes you appreciate what a great country and community we live in. I’m not someone who posts everyday on social media, but I keep an eye on it. One thing I have noticed is that […]

Yana’s Yarn 03 October 2017

School holidays are back. I always wonder why I see a heap of kids out and about, but then remember that life exists outside of the office and holidays do too!  There were more than 11 agriculture days/ calf clubs over the weekend, and unfortunately we couldn’t make it out to all of them. If you have photos, we hope […]

Yana’s Yarn 26 September 2017

Last week I mentioned I voted in my second election. You might think that’s not much,  however one person who far surpasses this number is Beryl Baguely. The 108 year old voted again this year, in what is her thirtieth election! I would say there’s no one more qualified to vote than her. Summer is on the way! Sort of… […]

Yana’s Yarn – 19 September 2017

Calf Club days began again over the weekend. As much as I love the seeing the animals, I also love hearing their names. While there’s bound to be a ‘Fluffy’ or a ‘Minty’, my favourite was a chicken called Naan- one of three, with Butter and Tikka back at home. It’s always cool to see the effort the kids (and […]

Yana’s Yarns 12 September 2017

 It’s that time of year again when editorial superstar Emma leaves on a trip for several weeks, leaving me to fill her shoes. So far, so good though. I get a bigger screen, nicer chair, and have taken the coffee sachets Emma left in her desk. On the editorial front, it has been busy, but busy is good and we […]

A note from Emma’s desk

I have been put into some situations that have been really out of my comfort zone in my line of work. Being put into a supertruck, walking to the top of a dairy factory for a front page photo when I am ridiculously scared of heights, and having to interview the Prime Minister just to name a few. But nothing, […]

A note from Emma’s desk 29 August

I can’t believe that this time next week, I am going to be lost somewhere in Canada. I say lost, as it will more than likely happen. I am geographically impaired and still don’t know my full itinerary—I’ll leave that up to ‘tour guide’ Kaitlin. On Friday, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and onto a long haul […]

A note from Emma’s desk- 22 August

Elections always bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in people. Last week, on my daily commute to work, I happened to notice that all the National party signs were vandalised. While I understand we all have different opinions, and sometimes we want to share them on many different platforms, do you really think that vandalising political signs […]

A note from Emma’s desk

Our friends at Cadbury didn’t let us down! Shortly after we had gone to print last Monday, we received an email confirming that they had sent out four blocks of the elusive Caramilk to give away to our readers. Here is what you have to do to enter. Send us your favourite memories involving Cadbury chocolate, or your best Cadbury experience! […]