A note from Emma’s desk- 15 August 2017

If you don’t vote or speak up when you are given the opportunity to, it could lead to serious repercussions, or consequences in the near future. Yet, the answer is quite simple, isn’t it? If you do not vote, you cannot complain. The same goes for when our local council’s give ratepayers the opportunity to discuss options over their wasterwater […]

Police Report 8 August

By Sergeant Graeme Wood In the last couple of weeks we have had reports of people hunting in the Waiuku Forest. This is illegal and highly dangerous. The forest is used by mountain bikers, horse riders, walkers, runners and people who fish along the river or coast. When the gates are open there are numerous people in there. As a […]

A note from Emma’s desk 08 August

We have had a great response to our Caramilk giveaway, and while we wish we could have given everyone who entered a block of this tasty treat, we have selected our winners with great deliberation. Here our four winners with their Cadbury experiences – we hope our readers enjoy them as much as we did! Diane Tyson – Attending University […]

Do you take a statin?

By Gary Parker Waiuku Unichem Do you take a statin? CoQ10 production will be reduced. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a fat soluble antioxidant vitamin that we naturally make in our body. It plays a significant health role with energy, cardiovascular and overall well-being. CoQ10 levels are vital for us to maintain as it helps to convert our food into usable […]

Osteopathy and the immune system

Helen Wright- Director Osteopathy Pukekohe Way of Life Health Shop, Pukekohe Can Osteopathy help to boost your immune system? The immune system does not always work alone. It works with a number of other systems in your body to help keep you healthy. Just to mention a few: The lymph system: Lymphatic flow is particularly important for immunity. The lymph […]

T for try new things

By Megan Vanlieshout Soul Nourishment Old ways won’t open new doors. The spice of life is doing new things. As kids or even young adults we are prepared to try new things and give different things a go. Then later on in life some of us appear to become afraid of giving new things a go or a chance. To […]

Gardening with Ruth- 1 August

I need to be careful what I wish for! Last month I wrote that our water tank was not very full. Within two weeks of my column being in the Post the tanks were overflowing! The rain has hardly stopped since. The garden is looking very forlorn at the moment. I must confess that I have not been out in […]

Baker’s Banter 1 August

In my role and with my involvement in sport and across various other community based organisations and groups, I get to see and hear the best and worst of what our society has to offer. I am constantly amazed at the people’s generosity of spirit and willingness to support and get involved in things. It makes me proud to be […]

Fishing with Smudge

Manukau and West Coast fishing report Finally gurnard have come out to play in the harbour. Snapper have all but disappeared although kahawai are also still around. Gurnard are a fish favoured by many for their great eating qualities and right now they are at their absolute best, fat and full of roe. I like to leave the skin on […]

Police Report 25 July

If you came home and found your house on fire would you update the situation to your Facebook page or ring the fire brigade? Hopefully you would choose the fire brigade but we are finding some people choose to report their matters to social media sites rather than call the Police. It is annoying to have people tell us about […]