Letter- Horrified

These words apply to what is happening to my beloved ocean and sands around ‘Aotearoa’ New Zealand. It won’t stop at one place, cleaned out of sands. Waiuku—if the sand-grabbing richies move off our coastline and peninsulas, ‘goodbye’ we’re made up of sandy soils. You can’t suck from beneath and expect to see no cracks appear on the surface of […]

A note from Emma’s desk- 22 August

Elections always bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in people. Last week, on my daily commute to work, I happened to notice that all the National party signs were vandalised. While I understand we all have different opinions, and sometimes we want to share them on many different platforms, do you really think that vandalising political signs […]

His Word – Greatly Advantaged 4/8

To re-cap, we have so far covered the; “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit,” “Blessed are they that mourn,” “Blessed are the Meek,” “Blessed are they that do Hunger and thirst after Righteousness,” “Blessed are the Merciful,” “Blessed are the Pure in Heart.” This covers a vast portion of our “Daily Lives” and is such an encouragement to us all […]

Feedback: New World supermarket

Last week we asked for your feedback on the proposed New World for Paerata Road, Pukekohe. Here is what our readers had to say: Great news. We are in full support of a new world supermarket in Pukekohe. – K Spratt You wanted people to email their thoughts of the new “New World” that’s planned for Paerata-Pukekohe. I really don’t see […]

Feedback on slippery pavers in Pukekohe

After much discussion on the pavers around Pukekohe and surrounding towns, we asked for your feedback on what options Council could invoke to help solve the problem. Here is what the public had to say: I am another victim of the slippery pavers this time outside the Courthouse on Monday 31 July. Just walking along then next minute I was […]

A note from Emma’s desk- 15 August 2017

If you don’t vote or speak up when you are given the opportunity to, it could lead to serious repercussions, or consequences in the near future. Yet, the answer is quite simple, isn’t it? If you do not vote, you cannot complain. The same goes for when our local council’s give ratepayers the opportunity to discuss options over their wasterwater […]

Police Report 8 August

By Sergeant Graeme Wood In the last couple of weeks we have had reports of people hunting in the Waiuku Forest. This is illegal and highly dangerous. The forest is used by mountain bikers, horse riders, walkers, runners and people who fish along the river or coast. When the gates are open there are numerous people in there. As a […]

Letter: Prime Land

Congratulations on your article regarding housing on prime horticultural land. I would like to see a more considered plan for Auckland’s housing woes. My concern is that political embarrassment re housing will result in hasty decisions and houses will be prioritised over horticulture. I don’t have an alternative, sorry, but I applaud efforts to preserve our horticultural blessings. Perhaps it’s […]

Unsung heroes of society

In the last three months I have had a serious health problem, i.e. one amputation, and nearly passed away on two occasions. I am 80 years of age now and have had a good innings, blessed with three children and five grandchildren. While I was in hospital, there was plenty of time to think and notice what was going on […]

A note from Emma’s desk 08 August

We have had a great response to our Caramilk giveaway, and while we wish we could have given everyone who entered a block of this tasty treat, we have selected our winners with great deliberation. Here our four winners with their Cadbury experiences – we hope our readers enjoy them as much as we did! Diane Tyson – Attending University […]