Baker’s Banter— 20 February 2018

It is pleasing to see Mayor Goff come out swinging about those who think it is ok to dump their rubbish on the sides of the roads. Being a mainly rural area with fewer houses, less traffic and obviously less chance of being seen, Franklin is a popular destination for the toe rags who do this. However it is not […]

Letter: The Cause of Road Accidents is not speed alone

Unlike your correspondent last week, I do not believe that speed is the cause of accidents. Speed adds to the consequences of an accident but I would be very surprised if it is the root cause. In my personal view the real causes are more often a combination of poor driving skills, poor judgment calls by drivers, lack of awareness […]

Out of the box with Tim Gregory—Dropped dreams and aspirations

Today is a very significant day in my life. February 20, 2018 marks three years since I got within a chewed fingernail of telling my boss to shove it where the sun don’t shine and retire to the alps as a recluse alpaca farmer. However, things didn’t quite turn out that way. Rewind 23 years and among my earliest memories […]

Letter: Fearful of fare

AT’s increasing of fares on public transport across Auckland will be causing many people like myself to reassess whether using public transport is worth it and will possibly put many off altogether. The biggest off-put to public transport is generally the cost, the time it takes to use it, how safe it is, exposure to the weather and the lack […]

Letter— Thoughts on our water

I would like to know if Watercare actually drink our water because if they did they would know that it is undrinkable and destructive. Our house is not even three years old and everything that water passes through is ruined e.g: our young jug, tap ware, shower doors, hot water cylinder and washing machine, some of these need to be […]

Yana’s Yarn— 20 February 2018

It was all go in Pukekohe over the weekend, with the Pukekohe Show and the Rebel Round up on. The rain stayed away for the most part and instead everyone was hit with the glorious summer mugginess and over 90 percent humidity. I was lucky enough to go to the Pukekohe Show on Saturday and had a great time looking […]

Letter: Raised taxes not fair

Why are we so intent on raised taxes on items that some people use as their sole source of comfort? This became a big problem when the Maori party complained it was their people who were affected the most. Could this be because they are in the lowest income bracket? I don’t feel it has helped many quit smoking but […]

Your views on getting from A to B

On Tuesday 30 January, the Post Newspaper printed a story on Auckland Transport’s price increases that have now come into effect. We shared some thoughts from community members who use public transport to get to work on the fare changes. The following are responses we received regarding the changes. I have been using public transport for many years, as I […]

Letter—Road accidents

Every time a senior police officer is shown on TV following a car accident he/she is bound to claim that excessive speed was a contributory factor. I am not surprised about this, the respect of speed limits was removed in many drivers eyes when the authorities opened up two stretches of NZ roads to 110kph, and as a result the […]

Waiuku Water

Amy (ref Post 06 Feb) check your inlet water washing machine hose at the tap on the wall, I have to clear mine of a build up of salts from the filter about every two months. I have had three plumber call outs in eight years to a) replace two taps in the house, and b) on one visit to […]

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