Where is my large intestine?

It’s that way, a 17 hour flight to My Large Intestine, Texas, U.S.A . My Large Intestine is a real place with a population of around 143, founded by Philo Bumbaugh. Bumbaugh’s idea was to put the town on the map and make a name for itself. Unfortunately map makers have refused to map it. How about travelling to Boring […]

Letter— Stop dumping on footpaths

May I make a plea to all those who live on the Hamilton Estate to STOP dropping litter on footpaths and street verges; STOP deliberately breaking glass bottles in the same places, STOP littering in the walk throughs—one between Rata Street/Hamilton Drive, the other between Matai Street/Hamilton Drive. STOP deliberately dropping litter on the Hamilton Drive sports field. Take your […]

Baker’s Banter—17 April 2018

Anyone using the roads and/or public transport in our part of the world is aware of the need for some serious investment. The reality is that whilst we have some way to go in terms of modern trains, single seat journeys and more regular services, what we have is significantly better than what used to exist as recently as five […]

Yana’s Yarn— 17 April 2018

This week has been a tricky one—I’ve been in bed for most of it, stuck at home with the flu. I popped into work for a bit, only to be turned away. “Go home,” were the exact words, but being home is better than infecting work colleagues. I guess it’s the changing of the seasons, the tricky weather and after […]

Letter— Pukekohe Main Street Parking

It’s pretty impossible to find main street parking at any time of day now, and people often swoop across traffic to steal a park on the “other side”. But if you only want to post a letter, it’s worth a quick look in case the ten minute parking outside the postbox is free. At midday Wednesday, a black Mazda stopped […]

‘Spec Saver’ Moments

We’ve all had those moments. You know the ones. When you are left wishing that the earth would open up around you, and swallow your entire existence. Unfortunately I’ve had a plenitude of these ‘sink hole’ moments over the last few years. Here are a handful of them to share. Sometimes things aren’t quite as they seem. Or in some […]

Patience – Pain

Patience is an interesting word, so often found in various places in the Bible, and Strongs has a little list of variations for us, 3114, 5281, 3115, but 5281 is the most widely used version. 3114 = to be long spirited, Patient or bear (suffer) long or longsuffering, Forbearing, Leniently. 3115 – Forbearance, Fortitude, Longsuffering. 5281 – Cheerful, Hopeful, endurance, […]

Letter: Easter Kindness

Thank you to the two beautiful ladies who gave me and my daughter their Peter Rabbit movie tickets on Easter Monday. A very big thank you! Such incredible kindness to two strangers. Name supplied.

Yana’s Yarn – 10 April 2018

Thanks to Facebook memories I can see (when I choose) what happened on each day since I joined the social media forum. Usually they’re embarrassing statuses from third form Yana writing about homework assignments, or letting people know that I was eating a pie… things haven’t changed much. However one popped up which was a great reminder for me. Last […]

Letter: Repurpose Pukekohe train station building

The future of Pukekohe seems destined to be decided by people who live far from here. The council plan to convert our fertile soils into housing estates will end the 100 year association of market gardening with our town. Another piece of history is also set to disappear, one that tells the story of Pukekohe’s development, from a one horse […]

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