Fishing report- August 2017

While the weather hasn’t been too pretty there is no reason to wait until summer to get out fishing. Here are six good reasons why you should take every opportunity you can get: 1 – It’s whitebait time! 2 – Scallop season opens on September 1st 3 – There are some fat gurnard in the harbour 4 – The coast […]

Fishing with Smudge

Manukau and West Coast fishing report Finally gurnard have come out to play in the harbour. Snapper have all but disappeared although kahawai are also still around. Gurnard are a fish favoured by many for their great eating qualities and right now they are at their absolute best, fat and full of roe. I like to leave the skin on […]

Fishing with Smudge – June 2017

While I am a big fan of winter fishing even I have to admit that it has been pretty tough over the last month or so. The good days will come. I hope. As they say that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching! If you do manage to get out, there will be some snapper and gurnard somewhere in […]

Fishing Report – Manukau/West Coast May 2017

The west coast is still fishing well but as the water cools the fish are less keen to spend a lot of energy and are not so interested in big meals. Fish are being caught at all depths but 10 to 30m is where I would be trying before heading out to deeper waters. Berley deployed right down on the […]

Fishing with Smudge – March 2017

The west coast has been fishing very well and is likely to continue to do so but be prepared for a ‘here one day and gone the next’ scenario for all species. By far the best marlin fishing has been off Port Waikato in 120m where the blue water starts. Tuna schools have been patchy in places but when you […]

Local anglers partipcate in fishing Nationals

Every year during the last full week of February hundreds of anglers throughout New Zealand compete for their respective clubs for the New Zealand Sport Fishing Club Nationals. Anglers gather into teams that must have at least two but no more than ten anglers. There is no limit to how many teams can enter for each club that is affiliated […]

Fishing with Smudge – February 2017

I guess the big news at the moment for Auckland’s west coast are the large numbers of striped marlin being caught. The hotspot over the last week has been around the 120m mark well south of the Manukau bar. Generally the marlin have been big with the biggest crossing the scales at Te Toro so far this year at 154kg. […]

Fishing with Smudge – January 2017

Things have certainly changed out west in the last month. The big hungry snapper that were schooling up in 60m off the west coast have started to move on and can now be found in shallower water and less concentrated than they were prior to Christmas. You will find them in close in areas that have some sort of low […]

Fishing Report October

  The last time my boat got wet was over two weeks before writing this report and I wasn’t even on board! However Arron and his crew had a great catch of snapper in 50m from off the coast. Others who were out have generally been successful too, especially if they are going out wide to 50m or more. In […]

Safer Boating – Get ready for summer

Safer Boating Week the prime time to get ready for summer Prep your boat, check your gear and know the rules. Those three messages are the theme of this year’s Safer Boating Week, which runs until 21 October. Auckland’s deputy harbourmaster Christiaan Moss says that as we get closer to summer it’s essential that boaties make sure they have the […]