S for Smart goals- Megan Vanlieshout

Megan Vanlieshout – Soul Nourishment Having Goals helps us to keep moving forward. They give us something to strive for, a sense of satisfaction as we progress towards them and then a feeling of achievement when we actually reach them. Goals aren’t something you set and just arrive at. It takes SMART PLANNING and SMART THINKING. The main key to […]

Working with a small space

I have just embarked on the challenge of moving onto an 11 acre property. Being born and bred in the city, I am a country girl at heart and have always dreamt of living the “little house on the prairie” lifestyle. What drew me to the house is the potential that screamed from every room of the 120 something year […]

Gardening with Ruth

At this time last year my flower garden was well in bloom. Not the same this year for some reason. The roses are late and the dianthus, that usually is in full bloom, has about three flowers on it. Even the dahlias are late coming up. The geraniums are doing well and our deep burgundy climber is beautiful.     […]

Shop Local – your Christmas Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means you’ll most likely have some shopping to do in order to cross off the items on your to-do list. Luckily, by shopping close to home, you can save yourself some trouble and a lot of stress. Here are three reasons why shopping local during the holiday season makes sense. 1. […]

Dreams do come true

Earlier this year, we were able to cover the touching story about Shivana Rickards and how her dream of having her dad walk her down the isle on her wedding day came true. Furthermore, unbeknown to the newly weds a family member had entered them into a competition to win their all expenses paid honeymoon. Unfortunately, Shivana’s father, Graham Rickards […]

Trust and communication the key to 60 years of wedded bliss

It took Robert Collie a whole evening to sum up the courage to ask Dot (nee Dynes) for a dance. But over 60 years later, he is sure glad he did. The Glenbrook couple recently celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, which is 60 years of marriage. Family and friends surprised the Collies, who thought they were going out for a […]

Wedding Feature

A wedding is the event of a lifetime. This special day has to be perfect, hence the importance of taking care of even the smallest of organisational details. You don’t want to forget anything, whether it’s a reservation, a fitting, a trial run for your menu, or your hairstyle. While the process can be overwhelming, here are some things that […]

Enjoy the outdoors this summer

Join the Post newspaper as we take a journey through the largest area of your home – your outdoor room. It’s your refuge, your sanctuary, your entertainment area around the barbecue, and a play area for your children. If you have a well stocked vegetable garden it’s your larder, a pool or spa can let you soak away your cares, […]

Taste Franklin

With spring in full force, and the promise of new fruit and flavours on the horizon, it’s easier to get more creative in the kitchen and make dishes that will appeal to everyone. From artisan ice cubes for that extra touch of class, or gluten and meat free options that will tickle the taste buds of veggie lovers, the food section is […]

Hay and silage Feature 2016

Early farmers in European areas noticed fields produced more grass in the spring than the animals could eat. They tried cutting the grass in the summer, allowing it to dry and storing it for the winter and it worked. It provided their animals with better quality nutrition than digging through snow in the winter to find dried grass, the farmer […]