Author: Yana O'Gorman

Bellyful meals a boost for mums

By Yana O'Gorman Bellyful Franklin provide hundreds of meals to families each month. Families with newborns, or those struggling with an illness.  That number has been increasing rapidly as Franklin continues to grow. For recipients of the meals, it's often a well-timed sanity-saver. Vanessa Southey and her young family, have been on the receiving end of the meals and say the once a week dinners have been incredible. The mum of five, who has four young children at home, received meals after each of her four children were born. She says the service Bellyful provides is extremely helpful. "When you're sleep-deprived...

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Henna crowns a great fit

By Yana O'Gorman Julie Taylor is a breast cancer patient, but after losing her hair through chemotherapy, she decided to find a way to regain control of certain parts of her life.  One of these was getting a henna crown designed on her head. Acting as an alternative option to a wig, Julie says it has lifted her spirits immensely.  "My henna crown has given me the feeling of control. With cancer, there's not a lot you can control, but this is something you can," she says.  "I love my wig too, but henna crowns give you another...

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Crash corner a potential death trap

It is supposed to be a 50kmh zone, and a 35km/h corner, yet judging from the state of several of the resident’s fences on Hamilton Drive in Waiuku, drivers aren’t sticking to those limits. A recent crash into one property’s fence, is the second in two years. For the neighbours, it’s added to the list of many. “People are speeding around these corners and losing control, wiping out our fences,” one says. It’s not the pain of having to file insurance claims that bothers this neigbourhood, it’s the fear that something worse may happen. While fences can be replaced,...

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Students promote World Blood Donor day

By Yana O'Gorman  Two Pukekohe High School students are raising awareness for blood donations, a timely reminder, as World Blood Donor day is celebrated on Wednesday 14 June. The year 12 students, as part of their social studies assessment approached the Post Newspaper as a way of reaching a larger audience.  Iona Williams and Esperance Withers will also be donating blood for the first time themselves.  They were encouraged to make a move themselves after a guest speaker from New Zealand Blood Service came to speak to the class.  "We didn't know much about blood donations originally," says...

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Frosty plunge for local swim facility

It has been a chilly few weeks for members of Belgravia’s Franklin Pool & Leisure group in Pukekohe.  After the heat pumps failed in early April, the lack of heating in the lap and toddlers pool has prevented use of those facilities, including causing disruption to several swimming classes during this time.  While the manager of the facility was unable to discuss the issues with us, Auckland Council issued a response, as Belgravia Health & Leisure Group manage the facilities under an agreement with council.    “A fault was identified with the heat pump servicing the lap and toddlers...

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Sophie commended for big heart

Yana O’Gorman – Sophie Griffiths is a young girl with a big heart. Her desire to help others has been recognised by HELL, as the runner up in the Satan’s Biggest Little Helper. The inaugural awards were established by HELL on the back of its Satan’s Little Helper programme, which has been running since 2013. The SLH programme aims to give a boost to Kiwi youth who are going through, or have been through ‘hell’. Despite the name, Sophie is doing work for good. The ten year old former Bombay School student took part in her class project...

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