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Abandoned house a waste

There is an empty fast decaying, formerly pleasant house at the end of View Rd. It used to occupied by the school caretaker. It has been unoccupied, neglected and vandalalised for ten years . I wrote to the Minister of Housing pointing out someone in need could be living in it perhaps someone who needed a hand up. I was told the land had been land banked for future Maori treaty settlements – but that was two years ago. So the street kids destroy and the good citizens of Waiuku look the other way. It is not too late to rectify this unnecessary neglect. There are cold hungry people out there and yes they are genuine New Zealand citizens. So if the citizens of Waiuku – those good upright Christians are content to do nothing, what is the Waiuku Post going to do about it. Bruce Brownlee, Waiuku The Post contacted the Ministry of Education, who passed the question to LINZ, who then told us the property is is managed by the Office of Treaty Settlements. Land Information New Zealand manages six vacant houses on behalf of the Ministry of Education across Auckland – four of which are in Waiuku. They are undertaking maintenance work on these with a view to renting them in the near future. The Post will seek further information on the View Road property...

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HR topics; Imogen Lomax

Imogene Lomax is the General Manager of enableHR New Zealand, the online HR and Health & Safety management system. enableHR harnesses the flexibility, scale and reach of the cloud platform, to deliver affordable best practice HR and WHS processes, tools, advice and record management using legally backed content created by FCB Workplace Law. Imogen will be using her knowledge to provide some valuable tips to our readers pertaining to HR...

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What a wonderful language

I had occasion to contact Auckland Transport on the weekend after a young friend of mine was trying to catch a train from Auckland to Pukekohe. It took but a moment for me to find that a train was leaving at 4.28, and I advised him to be on it. At 4.27, he rang me to say there were no trains to Pukekohe. I told him to ask at information, and to make sure he got on the train. He told me that the Help Desk had told him there were no trains to Pukekohe so he got on the Papakura train. By this stage I was cursing Auckland Transport, and phoned them, in a grumpy mood, to ask why their website says there are trains when there aren’t. Turns out there was a train, but it involves getting off the Papakura one and onto another. When I explained to him that surely the info desk could have passed this information on, his response was priceless. “Ahhh,” he said. “They explained it correctly, but not fully.” To be fair to them, I think my young friend may also have been at fault in this transaction, but I still found the response brilliant. It is much the same with a report I read, again relating to Auckland Transport, which summarised why the electric trains were not as fast as the old diesel ones. Basically, the report assured everyone that the electric trains were, in fact faster, ‘but anticipated improvements in transit times were not achieving desired levels.’ I think that was supposed to mean they were, in fact, slower. But it shows yet again what a superb...

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Keeping staff – it’s not just money

Imogene Lomax, Manukau Harbour General Manager of enableHR New Zealand, the online HR and Health & Safety management system, believes that money isn’t everything when it comes to attracting and retaining great people. According to Westpac’s latest economic outlook, the labour market in New Zealand is strengthening. While this bodes well for the economy, for business owners and managers, it means finding and retaining great staff will become even harder than ever. Of course, money is, and always will be, a major factor in attracting and retaining your team. But it isn’t everything. There are other ways. Culture is a winner When you look at the companies that are often named as the world’s top employers, the magic ingredient culture often tends to trump cash. Not surprisingly, people like working for, and tend to stay at companies where they are happy, fulfilled, part of something exciting, and where people care. One size doesn’t fit all It’s also important to remember that different things motivate different people, so it’s highly worthwhile to understand exactly what motivates your individual employees. You’ll probably be surprised by what makes each person tick and what motivates them to stay and continue to do their best for you and your company. Here are a few interesting ideas from businesses that I work with on how they attract and retain their great people – all without breaking the bank! Video Job Adverts A great way to showcase your culture and attract the right people when advertising a role is to make a video. Create a real life story on the role, who you’re looking for, your workplace, your people, and what it’s like to work there. This does require a bit of planning, but it doesn’t require a big budget or a movie director. Simply grab your mobile...

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Rail link showcase in Pukekohe highlights benefits for region

The City Rail Link Showcase at Pukekohe Farmer’s market held in June was one of the best attended and most lively of the 13 suburban showcases Auckland Transport ran throughout May and June. Showcase staff were supported by Franklin Councillor Bill Cashmore and National MP Andrew Bayly in a robust discussion on how the CRL would improve public transport, not just in the city centre but throughout the region. Most showcase visitors were supportive of the CRL, appreciating that it completes Auckland’s integrated public transport network in much the same way the Western Ring Route does for the city’s motorway system. By removing the terminus at Britomart Station, the CRL allows 48 trains per hour through Britomart, compared to the current 20, unlocking rail capacity across all the lines to enable more frequent...

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50 years with Waiuku brigade

Waiuku Volunteer Fire Brigade member Jim Snedden became only the third Waiuku representative, and number 125 in the history of the New Zealand Fire Brigade, to be honoured with a Double Gold Star to mark 50 years of service. That occasion was marked with a celebratory evening at the Waiuku War Memorial Town Hall on Saturday night for an evening of remembrance, laughter and cheers as Jim and his wife Phyllis received a number of awards from Fire Service representatives and local and national government officials. Jim joined the Waiuku Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1965, and over the course of the next 50 years managed to rack up a...

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