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Drug bust

Police arrested a 35-year-old man last week after they located 268 cannabis plants at a Papakura address. Police arrived at the house on an unrelated matter and searched after officers smelt cannabis. They found a large drug operation being carried out and seized almost 1.4kg of dried cannabis as well as hundreds of plants in various stages of maturity. Detective Senior Sergeant Rod Honan of Papakura CIB says the clandestine operation was one of the more sophisticated setups they have located...

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Diesel spill

An early morning large diesel spill on Waiuku Road last Thursday caused a number of crashes. The spill stretched from Patumahoe Rd to Tramway and Baldhill Roads and into Waiuku. Council and police attended with road speeds reduced on the area for several...

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‘Too early’ for costs after path collapses

A large section of the seawall footpath beside the Sandspit Reserve in Waiuku collapsed last week, leaving gaping holes along the esplanade area and indications are that the risk to other areas is high. Over time, sea water has eroded through the base of the structure, washing away the sand underneath the footpath and leaving a void area which the concrete above has broken in to. Costs are likely to be significant, and Malcolm Page, Manager Local & Sports Parks South, for the Auckland Council says repair or replacement will require a consent process including consultation with the local...

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Man dies, three rescued, after capsize

A man was killed when a group of four friends, believed to have been out duck shooting, were thrown into the water when their small river boat capsized on Sunday. Waiuku Coastguard’s Nigel Griffiths said the three men saved were pulled from the water by Waiuku’s Carl Hill, who had been on the water in his own boat. Griffiths said the Waiuku Coastguard launched their NZ Steel Rescue boat from Hoods Landing, after the 12ft ‘tinny’ with an outboard capsized. It is believed conditions were choppy at the time, with strong winds and rain, and the craft involved in...

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No salespeople after dark, please

At 6.45pm on May 18 we had a knock on the door but for obvious reasons I would not open it, but spoke to the person on the step. It was a rep from Nova Power. He was told to go away and not come back. We are not young, and unwanted people are not welcome at that time of night. Who wants unknown people wandering around their properties in the dark? I have contacted Nova Power. The person that I spoke to was concerned that one of their reps should be knocking on doors at that time of night. Merlin Lever...

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Church bell saved for township

As a local historian, when it was announced that Holy Trinity Church (Waiuku) was to be closed and the fittings were to be either sold or moved into storage at the offices of the Auckland Anglican Diocese Council, I requested that the bell be removed and placed into the care of the Waiuku Museum Society. For as long as I have lived in Waiuku, the ringing of that bell has been a fixture in the town’s history. I was determined that the bell remained locally and was not left in the tower and, like other church bells, be stolen for its metal. Not many know that a lot of early church bells in New Zealand were hand-me-downs from English churches where, after centuries of wear, were in need of replacement due to the fact they were out of tune. Hence the saying that something is ‘clapped out’. The vigorous ringing of church bells is also the origin of the saying ‘going like the clappers.’ John Mackle...

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