Luka Wolfgram has gone above and beyond to help support the Child Cancer Foundation with their annual fundraiser.

Recruiting his little brother, Sava, and family dog, Mila, 13 year old Luka has created a short film to encourage the community to take part in Wig Wednesday, which takes place tomorrow (21 June).

Wig Wednesday is an important event for Luka, and he says he shares a special connection with the charity behind.

“The Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) do so much for children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Supporting this wonderful cause is also very personal for me as I have lost my little brother, Kosta, to cancer.”

The ACG Strathallan student explained that each week more than three children in New Zealand are diagnosed with cancer.

“The shock, hardship, suffering, feeling scared is shared by the whole family. It effects so many people. So its important that they are supported.”

Luka says he has always liked filming and editing, and wanted to make the video light hearted and fun, ‘because all children love playing and dressing up.’

“I made videos with my brother Kosta, to cheer him up when he was sick. I have decided to make a short video with a message to get people inspired and get wigging this Wednesday as a team and make it your business to fundraise for children with cancer.”

Luka’s favourite part of making the video was  filming his five month old brother, Sava and dog, Mila with wigs on and dressing them up.

“There were many funny moments and lots of bloopers, because little babies and dogs are so unpredictable. I also loved looking at our old home videos of Kosta and choosing some footage to include.”

His video has since been shared by the Child Cancer Foundation on their social media page, and after viewing his video online about Wig Wednesday, Luka’s school has also come on board to help support the cause.

“It’s been so special to see how much people care and are willing to help. Some people have found out about this just a couple of days ago, including my school, ACG Strathallan. They have got into super action to still get wigging this Wednesday. It is also very special that the Child Cancer Foundation have liked my video and that it’s been helpful to raise awareness for Wig Wednesday.”

While he hasn’t decided what wig to wear yet, Luka knows he will be thinking of Kosta when he picks one.

“I know my brother Kosta would love to see me in a girl’s wig for a laugh so I will definitely have to look at picking one of those. My family and I are all ready to get our wigs on and I hope you can too.”

Luka’s video can be found on the Child Cancer Foundation Facebook page, or via YouTube titled ‘Let’s Support Wig Wednesday by Luka Wolfgram.’


ACG Strathallan Deputy Principal, Mike Balchin, Luka Wolfgram, and Year 10 Dean Matt Humber, are ready to get wigging this Wednesday for the Child Cancer Foundation.