Stories shared at public exhibition
By Yana O'Gorman 
The You Might Be Surprised to Know exhibition was launched last weekend, with a special opening for friends and family of the featured 'storytellers'. 
The project involved photographing and interviewing 20 people aged 65+ who live in Franklin.
Linda Grigg began the exhibition after being inspired by the Humans of South Auckland Facebook page, and book.
She says she liked the way the page set out to change stereotypes, and hoped she could do a similar thing with the aged community.
"I modelled these stories off that," she says.  "I believe everyone has a story to tell."
She kept the stories short so that it would ultimately leave the readers wanting more. "I think it encourages people to ask more questions, like 'what's your story?'"
Linda says being able to see into other people's lives and hear their stories will stay with her for a long time.
"It was a real privilege to be involved and to hear their stories," she says.
Julia Johnson, Robin Short and Dianne Whitehead, members of the Waiuku Camera Club were photographers for the project.
"It was really enjoyable," Julia says. "We got as much out of it as the others did."
Robin says she thought she'd meet them at a rest home, but instead got to see them in their day-to-day lives. "I expected a five minute job, but they told so many incredible stories."
They all agree that they would do it again. Even at the exhibition, it was a chance for the community to hear different stories to the ones on display.
"The stories keep on coming," Julia says. 
The project was supported by the Franklin Local Board. Linda thanked everyone who shared their story, or was involved in any aspect of the project. To read their stories, find "You might be surprised to know" on Facebook. 
L-R: Lyndell Jones, Lesley Milne, Shirley Tatler and Clare Adlington.
L-R: Julia Johnson, Louise, Linda Grigg and Robin Short.