Henna crowns a great fit
By Yana O'Gorman yana@thepost.nz
Julie Taylor is a breast cancer patient, but after losing her hair through chemotherapy, she decided to find a way to regain control of certain parts of her life. 
One of these was getting a henna crown designed on her head. Acting as an alternative option to a wig, Julie says it has lifted her spirits immensely. 
"My henna crown has given me the feeling of control. With cancer, there's not a lot you can control, but this is something you can," she says. 
"I love my wig too, but henna crowns give you another option, and a different aspect of it all."
She says it changes the little things, like looking in the mirror without a wig on and being confident. 
This is the first time Julie has had a henna crown designed, and she'll be doing it again. "They last about three to four weeks," Julie said, "My henna artist will go over it again, it won't take as long this time."
The non-permanent tattoo designs are quite big overseas, particularly as they use natural products, however they have yet to be widely noticed here.
"I found out about them after searching the internet for alternative options to wigs," she said. 
Julie herself is a medical wig specialist and hairdresser by trade, but says the henna crown "really lifts you and makes you feel not as ashamed."
She created the design herself, and wants to share the idea with others who may be interested in having it done too. 
Caption: Julie Taylor shows off her Henna crown