BPW celebrating pioneer Indian women of Franklin
BPW International Candlelighting dinner is when BPW Franklin pays a special tribute to the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, which unites women around the world.
Although its members speak in many languages and live in countries with differing traditions, they share the same determination of purpose.
The Candle Lighting Ceremony, which is being held on Wednesday 28 June, provides an opportunity for local BPW members and guests to light the candles representing different countries and celebrate historical memories, the accomplishments and achievements of women around the world.
It is most appropriate that on this night the members and guests will host Vasanti Unka, who compiled the stories of Pioneer Indian Women recounted by their daughters and granddaughters.
These pioneer women left the warmth of their close-knit village communities to live in faraway, isolated, alien-cultured islands. Many of them came—often with young kids in tow—to live with husbands they barely knew.
They arrived with nothing but a suitcase of light cotton saris and a ton of courage. Unka will be accompanied by some of these daughters who will add to the ambiance of the evening as we hear about these brave women. Her book will also be available to purchase.
Those who wish to attend this special dinner in Pukekohe should contact bpwfranklinsec@gmail.com
CAPTION:  Vasanti Unka, who compiled the stories of Pioneer Indian Women, will be hosting the Candle Lighting Ceremony  BPW Franklin next week.