Who remembers the TV adverts surrounding road safety in the early 90s?
One that used to give me nightmares was, the drunk driver crashing, and then getting out of the car before it caught alight. However, he couldn’t get his mates out, they were trapped and he watched hopelessly as it burnt them alive.
The incident where those two little girls were taken out by a driver doing well over the speed limit last week has made me think of one advert in particular.
It was of a driver, distracted and speeding. He had to try to over correct after pulling into the opposing lane, in front of an oncoming vehicle. He lost control of his car and took out two kids who were waiting at the end of their driveway for their school bus, sending them flying into the neighbouring paddock. He then gets out of his vehicle but isn’t sure what he had hit. While those adverts were aired over 20 years ago, the message is still exactly same and as relevant to this day as it was all those years ago. Yet these so called licence holders still haven’t got it through their thick skulls! Are people becoming dumber, or just ignorant?
Those images of the consequences of speeding and drink driving have been tattooed on my brain since I was a child.
I don’t believe the adverts or campaigns that are running through mainstream media today are as effective as they used to be.
The reduction of these incidents ultimately comes down to driver responsibility, but I believe these campaigns should be re-aired. If they can rehash Shortland Street characters 25 years later for shock factor, I am sure the old driving safety commercials would be just as effective to many drivers out there.