When will the bullying stop?
Steve Douglas – steve@thepost.nz
A local primary school student who is under the age of ten, has attempted to take their own life as a result of bullying that is occuring in school.
At what point are we going to take a stand and accept responsibility for doing nothing to protect young, vulnerable children?
These are children who are being bullied by other children, by the school system, by the education department, by the family court system, and by the mental health system.
‘Popular’ kids at school allegedly  get away with bullying other children in what appears to be school sanctioned behaviour.
What is it going to take to stop this type of behaviour—to say enough is enough?
When taking the appropriate steps by approaching the school with regards to bullying, it appears that some headmasters are like an ostrich— their heads buried in the sand. The governing board could also be viewed as a group of meerkats, looking on but doing nothing to stem the tide of bullying taking place.
In a recent New Zealand Herald article, it was published that over the last ten years, the number of children under the age of 13 on anti-depression medication has doubled to 2163.
We, as a country, need to be ashamed of our track record and stop paying lip service to people who allow this type of behaviour to continue day in and day out.
We need to stop protecting the bullies and allowing it to take place.
We need to stop telling our vulnerable children to harden up and to deal with it. There is enough evidence to show that physical, mental and emotional bullying erodes confidence, self worth and literally sucks the life out of our kids.
Ever heard the saying ‘there are no bad kids just bad parents’—ever wonder who is setting the example for the children’s behaviour?
The parents, the internet, who are their role models? Gossiping parents who attack other parents on social media sites for exposing the bullying and gossiping which is harming children?
 Your children look up to you, mimic your behaviour and share your prejudices. We need to break the cycle, and we can start by not allowing this toxic behaviour entering the school gate.
Ban all cell phones from school, or at least the classrooms. Have a sledge hammer and crush any phone if it is used to bully another student.  Establish a guardian program in schools to protect the vulnerable. Stop rewarding bad behaviour, stop doing nothing.
What are your thoughts on curbing and dealing with bullying?