I have been attending the Franklin Leisure Centre Lap pool twice weekly for the past 5 years, following loss of mobility due to a medical condition which left me largely dependent on a wheelchair.
Aquatic activities are particularly helpful in exercise programmes due to the elimination of gravity and the buoyancy provided by the water. Thus a person is able to achieve much greater muscle activity within the pool than they would otherwise on dry land. From this, you will appreciate that my rehabilitation activity is very dependent on my access to the pool. The temperature of the pool water is also critical to the level of activity, age and weight of participants.
I did attend the facility a few times during the period of 24/5 C temperature days, not knowing prior to my visit that it was below par but subsequently relied on the website or phoning to check with reception staff if the website wasn’t up to date to determine whether it was worthwhile attending.
This recent problem with the heating system of the Franklin pools lasted longer than previous ones which have occurred over the past five years. Perhaps due to the age of the complex?
Needless to say, I have not been very appreciative of the time taken to replace the heating element, sourced from Italy, nor of the fact that it continues to be unreliable.
Many people regularly attend the pool to enable their rehabilitation from injury, surgery and/or for general fitness and will have been inconvenienced by the recent unavailability of such a valuable resource. I am very pleased that:  “the Council has identified and prioritised the need to investigate aquatic and recreation needs in Franklin given the current and projected population growth in the area”.
I, and many others, rely on these sessions to help maintain and improve general muscle strength.
Christine (Hann)