The Post Newspaper reported last fortnight how Auckland Council and Auckland Libraries have been pushing the ‘Fit for the Future’ programme, which will see a reduction in staff. Because of the cuts, council will save up to $1.8million. Staff will often be working together on area activities across the Franklin Local Board libraries and it is expected that both the Pukekohe and Waiuku libraries will work closely together and share resources and expertise. Here is what some of our readers had to say about our story, Reading between the lines.
Big deal they are going to save up to  $1.8million by changing our libraries. 

The council could save that and more weekly  by cleaning out ATEED and reduce the number of people hanging around Britomart with clip boards and hi vis jackets. 

Libraries are a essential part of all communities. They supply a important service to all. 

Not all people have access to computers to get their reading material so use of the library is important to them. It is really neat to see mums in the library getting books for their children. This should be encouraged with the decline in the reading skills of our young folk. 
Libraries should be expanded, instead of having their services reduced.
Your article says staff in Pukekohe will reduce from 11.63 to 10.05. How do you get. 05 of a person? 
My experience tells me that when senior management talk in percentages they generally have lost the plot. 
Ernie Mansfield 
Letter:  Our Libraries
Dear Editor,
Why have librarians been sworn to secrecy over the changes they are having to endure?
Why has the PSA allowed this to happen?
Why haven't the public, ratepayers, stakeholders, users etc been better informed on the changes?
Chair of the Franklin Local Board assures me Auckland Libraries won't close, and it's all to do with e-books and redirection of services, but ignored the above three questions. 
So, can Auckland Council's CEO (ex-Franklin District Council) answer the above three questions and tell us how many librarians will lose their jobs and how many may have to relocate, sometimes on a day to day basis to other libraries i.e. Waiuku to Manukau, through various grid locks and extra running costs?
This is Auckland Council, not a despotic third world dictatorship. Will these savings go towards another sports stadium, a public/private partnership with Mr Eric Watson who no doubt could set up another finance company to supply him funding?
Our librarians do a great job and provide a good service, is this any way to thank them?
Please come clean Mr CEO.
N. Corlett