I read all the reasons why the tree “has” to go, and frankly I don’t believe them all.
However, I am probably fighting a losing battle to retain it. I don’t have any 'love affair' with the willow tree, but the ambiance of the shade for folk having a picnic or sitting under in the summer is the reason for my opposition to its removal.
The suggestion to replace it with a large pohutukawa tree, won’t solve the problem either, as people won’t be able to sit under a pohutukawa tree until it is many years old.
I was at the Waterfront Reserves Committee meeting recently and in the general discussion to solve the problem a suggestion was made that maybe a couple of shade sails could be erected to give the shade I would like. Then Brendon Crompton commented that if this was done, it would then be an ideal site for one of the Local Board’s free-to-use barbeques that they are planning to install in some areas of Franklin. Along with the barbeque, some additional seats and tables could be installed. This to me, frankly would be the best overall outcome. Let’s see if we can achieve this, then I would support the removal of the tree.
Bill Deed