Re: Fulton Hogan's Buckland Waste water project
About 14 months ago, Fulton Hogan were very proactive with information regarding this project with media, postal and hand delivered updates on the impending works and the impact it would have on the district. 
Work started one year ago in April 2016 with construction sites along the Buckland Rd/Parker Lane route kicking the project off. 
One year on, we the residents of the area are still living the nightmare of traffic flow issues, loose metal, pot holes and road cones impacting on people's driveway access, to name a few gripes. 
Perhaps Fulton Hogan PR people could help the situation via updates in the media, whether this project will be completed before another ANZAC Day. 
Peter Bennett.
A spokesperson for Watercare, who is working on the waste water project in Buckland issued the following response: 
"Work on building Watercare’s new wastewater pump station at Buckland and installation of new pipes is progressing well, with the majority of road works along Buckland Road and Parker Lane due to finish next week. Just under six kilometres of pipes have been laid during this project and there are just 200 metres to go.
Some finishing work, such as installing paving slabs will take place during May and June.  
Watercare thanks local residents for their patience and understanding during this time. The new pump station will pump wastewater to Pukekohe Wastewater Treatment Plant as the area continues to grows.  
A stakeholder manager officer has been on-site during this project. Regular emails have been sent to local residents to keep them informed about work progress. The last emails were sent on 22 March and one to Buckland Road residents was sent on 5 April."