Waiuku centre clean up
By Yana O'Gorman yana@thepost.nz 
The Waiuku township got a touch up last weekend as 93 volunteers took to the streets armed with brooms, paintbrushes and rubbish bags. 
On Saturday 6 May, the volunteers powered through the clean up, as part of the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust's (MBCT) attempt to beautify Auckland's Southern region town centres, as part of the Town and Local Centre (TLC) clean up initiative that was introduced last year. 
Waiuku Town Centre was the second major clean-up organised by MBCT for 2017 which was well supported by the community, and the beautiful weather assisted in making it a great day.  
Starting at 8:30am, the group of volunteers including Cornerstone Church, Latter Day Saints, Waiuku Cubs and Scouts, Waiuku College students, Waiuku Christian Fellowship group, local businesses, ANZ Bank Group, Southern Podiatry and Action Office Products Depot, and residents got stuck into their work. 
They worked for three hours and washed hanging signs, painted rubbish bins and walls, park and street seating and the rotunda, re-planted and weeded gardens, picked up rubbish and tidied small alleyways. 
At the end of the clean up, everyone shared a 'thank you' Kiwi barbeque and celebrated their hard work. 
MBCT Community Manager, Barbara Carney says the Trust loves working towards inspiring civic pride, on behalf of the Trust thanked all of the volunteers who gave up part of their weekend.
"Great things happen when communities get together," she says.
Assistant Town Centre Manager, Vanessa Newman says it was a great day, and the volunteers learnt a lot. "Talking to some of the volunteers," she says, "they felt it really gave them a sense of pride in their community. One young man said he was proud to be part of it and had so enjoyed helping touch up paint on rubbish bins and bench seats that he was going to tell his friends and family to look out for his handy work next time they were in town. People really enjoyed the experience and their co-operation and camaraderie was great to see," Vanessa says.
"It was a shame that more local businesses and landlords didn't take part," she says. 
This was the third time MBCT has run a town centre clean up in Waiuku, which was supported by Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Franklin Local Board, and the Waiuku Business and Development Association.
"Everyone left with a smile, knowing they've done something good," says Vanessa.
"We hope the business owners, landlords and the community as a whole will work to keep them looking lovely now that the areas have been spruced up."
Caption: A group photo of the volunteers who helped clean up Waiuku on Saturday 6 May.