Recently there was another fatal motor vehicle accident on the peninsula.  A male died as a result of a motorcycle accident.  I have worked at Waiuku for two and a half years, and I can recall six fatal accidents and a large number of serious crashes on the peninsula in this time.   

This is a shockingly high total of fatalities for such an area.  

There is an increasing amount of traffic on the peninsular roads now, including many drivers who are not local to the area.  The roads are not designed for, nor conducive to, being driven at speed. 

At a high speed, if something goes wrong you can be in real trouble, especially when trying to negotiate a bend, or reacting if something happens in front of you.  

We also need to concentrate while driving. Complacency gives you the feeling you know the roads and can go a little quicker or take some unnecessary risks.  This applies to the locals who have been involved in some serious crashes up that way.  

Slow down and drive to the conditions. Not only to the weather conditions, but also to the road itself so you can get safely to where you are going. Don't take risks—you not only endanger yourself, but your passengers and other road users.    

Slow down and drive with care, especially on the peninsula.   
The other day we were notified about two plaques stolen from the Services area of the Waiuku Cemetery.  If you have any information about these give us a call or ring anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.  

Alternatively if you have these plaques drop them off to the Police station. You don't want to be found with these items.  

If you know something about this crime you should report it, theft from a cemetery should never be tolerated.