In January this year I filed a Customer Request Management (CRM) with Waikato District Council (WDC) to fix the street light outside my home in Martindale Lane, and also asked why the lights in the new subdivision next door were not yet operating.
Since then nothing has been done, I have filed  three CRM requests, made four phone calls to Peter Foote, the engineer responsible, and checked with Counties Power to see if job requests have been filed with them—unfortunately no requests have filed by WDC. 
Meanwhile my home and every other house in the new subdivision has been burgled. In talking with other community members in Tuakau, there are a further 68 street lights not working, making Tuakau a dark hole—a burglar's paradise and unsafe to walk around at night.
Surely street lighting is a major task of WDC, more important than updating annual plans?
R Gee, Tuakau
The Post Newspaper contacted Waikato District Council for a comment on the above letter, and General Manager Service Delivery Tim Harty, gave the following response. 
"We acknowledge that there are several streetlights not working in the Tuakau area; however we are only aware of ten such instances which are currently being responded to.
Recent regulations from power lines companies prohibit our staff from carrying out any maintenance or repair works on streetlights that are mounted on power poles. Only the power company staff are authorised to work on these lights.

"The issue at Martindale Lane has been as a result of the developer not connecting the lights to the power network at the time of vesting the assets to council.
We have worked with the developer’s agent to facilitate sorting out these lights, but have been unsuccessful.

"In the interest of the community we engaged the power company to carry out this work. The load of these lights exceeded the circuit capacity resulting in the lights not working. The power company will need to carry out underground works to rectify this; however with the recent storm events this work has been delayed.

We will follow up with the power company to get an estimated date of remediation."