Cat came back through social media
By Emma Sharplin –
I am the first to rubbish social media. It sucks up way too much of my time and energy, and does anyone else find it creepy by how addicted we are to voyeur everyone’s lives through it?
Yet just last week, I owe Facebook for helping get my cat back.
I have been Bonnie’s human for nearly eight years (don’t they say you never own a cat, they own you?), and not once have I had to fear her leaving the property. I picked her up off the side of the road in 2010 as this runty kitten who had been dumped with her brother. She honestly looks like a rip-off version of a munchkin cat—squat and fat.
Just like her human, she is ruled by her stomach and never ventures far from her food bowl. Hence why I have never really thought about getting her microchipped. 
Her sister, Bob, on the otherhand, lived in the danger zone, and was chipped as soon she could leave the house. It was because of this ‘you only live once’ lifestyle that Bob used up all of her nine lives this year by venturing out onto the road. RIP Bob.
So you can imagine my surprise when Bonnie didn’t turn up for breakfast on Monday morning, and then again was a no show at dinner. Extensive searches of the property and local roadsides were undertaken, and as soon as the 24 hour missing mark was hit, a heart felt social media post began the next step in my search for Bonnie.
I shared it to the Pokeno groups and within half an hour, my post had attracted members of the Franklin Lost and Found Pets and Livestock page. This led me to scroll through the posts of people’s missing fur babies, and there, in a cat trap cage, was a photo of my Bonnie.
She had been caught several hundred metres up the road from where we live, and I have no doubt that it was the lure of food that led her astray. The things we do when we are ‘hangry’! Erika did say she thought Bonnie was having kittens (gives a good example of just how well fed this cat is). 
Urgently contacting the person who had caught her through whatever means I could find, I managed to touch base with Erika just before her mum took Bonnie to the vets to see if she was microchipped. By Tuesday afternoon, Bonnie was returned to me at work a little disorientated, but in good sorts.  
I cannot express just how grateful I am to Erika Watson and her mum for looking after my wayward feline, and for posting up photos of her up after she was found. 
I guess there are several morals to the story here. Number one, is to never underestimate the power of social media, and number two—get your pets microchipped. I dread the thought of what could have happened if I hadn’t contacted Erika before she had taken her to the vet. 
CAPTION: Bonnie was safely returned home after she was tracked through social media – albeit a bit tired after her adventures.