I didn’t realise that people took what I write in here so literally!
Last week I made the joke about how my bestie would be the next one from our group to have children—the next thing I know she is being interrogated by her colleagues about it. Whoops! I guess the main lesson learnt here is that someone is actually reading my column.
Please, if you have any topics that I could write about, send them through. I don’t think many of you realise just how hard it is each week to try and come up with relevant material that I hope our readers find interesting!
Last weekend, the Post had the honour of being invited to attend the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards at Skycity.
My wingman, Yana, wasn’t able to join me, so I had to recruit my other partner in crime, Kaitlin. It was a pretty amazing night, and my opinion of farmers has definitely changed. I don’t believe they are given enough credit where it is due.
We live in a world where the media is very quick to blowup the negative, but what about when something good happens?
The dairy industry has been portrayed in an unfavourable light recently, especially when it comes to the environment and the Mighty Rivers plan.
But what about the 26,000 km of waterways that have been fenced off by farmers voluntarily? Has that been recognised?
How about the fact that dairy still remains a significant part of the primary industry sector, and the New Zealand economy?
According to Minister Nathan Guy, the primary industry exports are expected to top $40 billion next year.
The work that farmers do behind the scenes is remarkable, and thank goodness for the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards, as where else would they be recognised for this and have a platform to share their incredible stories?