I read with bemusement the front page article of The Post about the Prime Minister and Waikato National MPs visiting Tuakau but offering no solutions to the transport issues which were the main concerns raised by locals.

Transport issues and in particular, the lack of a train service to serve the rapidly growing Tuakau, Pokeno and North Waikato region, has been an issue for many years with locals long calling for train services to be extended from Auckland to Pokeno and Hamilton.

These calls have been ignored by the incumbent National Party and MPs in this region for years despite a public petition, and now with an election approaching, they have decided to pay Tuakau a visit but continue to offer no solutions.

For those who are sick of sitting stuck in traffic on the Southern Motorway, which is now regularly queued back south beyond Bombay, and want change, there are other political parties out there who hear these calls and have solutions.

When election day comes, the people of this region need to seriously look at the alternatives to the National Party who clearly take Hunua and Waikato for granted as safe seats for themselves and don't listen or provide what the people of this region need and are calling for.

I shall be very interested to hear what Winston Peters has to offer when he visits the region.

R Ambry