Bryan Millar from Pioneer Wooden Toys has continued to be inundated with offers for tools and support since he was burgled over Easter. 
On Thursday 27 April, Bryan had four calls of offers to give him more tools, from Waiuku through to Bombay. 
"This has been an amazing response," Bryan says. "It's absolutely incredible. Hats off to the community," he says. 
While the burglary of more than $20,000 worth of tools was a huge shock and a frustrating experience, he has been focusing on the positiveness of Franklin, rather than on the theft. 
The lack of tools has left Bryan behind on his work, but thanks to donations, and people offering their time, he is continuing to slowly but surely catch up. 
"I've probably got enough tools to carry on as normal. It's a bit slower, but we're still up and operating," he says.